Meet Dr. Mehta

Meet Amber Ramos

Practice Administrator

There is nothing more essential to the successful operation of a medical practice than experience and versatility. Luckily, Foothills Pain Management has someone with both; Amber Ramos has more than 20 year’s worth of experience in the medical field, beginning in specialties like family medicine and neurosurgery before finally landing at Foothills Pain Management Clinic, where she has led as Practice Administrator and Office Manager since 2010.

Amber has helped Foothills Pain Management Clinic develop an extraordinary reputation in the surrounding medical community as well as the patient population through strong medical practice ethics and a patient-first focus alongside Dr. Mehta. She works tirelessly to curate a team of professionals at Foothills Pain Management Clinic that believes in these core values and is willing to treat every patient with respect and empathy that is unparalleled in any pain management or other medical office.

The trust she has created among Foothill Pain Management Clinic’s patients and partners has since been leveraged to create a host of new offices and services in an effort to bring their quality of care to as many patients in Southern California as possible. Offices in Rancho Cucamonga, Pomona, and Los Angeles have all been opened and managed through Amber’s dedication to the practice’s ideals.

An unwillingness to compromise on the quality of care that their office provides is a common trait understood by anyone who has worked alongside or partnered with Amber. She is willing to put in the work needed to create opportunities for the practice’s patients — whether that means presenting exhaustive presentations to potential partners, combing through medical policy and procedures to ensure all best practices are being adhered to or taking time to speak to patients on a personal level, there is no job too big or too small for her attention.

After dedicating 10 years to the development of the Foothills Pain Management Clinic, Amber not only has a clear understanding of the goals of the practice, she also has a lead role in making sure the practice achieves those goals as the Practice Administrator.

If there is anything that Amber knows as well as the medical field, it is the soap operas that she has been watching with an undying interest in since she was a teenager. The show General Hospital might not have been what pushed her into the medical field in her youth, but it definitely played a part.

Amber lives with her husband and three out of four of her children in the San Gabriel Valley, the primary community that Foothills Pain Management Clinic serves. Somehow, between the expansion of the practice and hours of narration from her shows, she manages to take her kids to an assortment of practices, games and exhibitions. Her oldest son was just married, and she is looking forward to spoiling her first grandson in a few months.